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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Cambrian College

11AM - 5PM

Join us in Sudbury for NostalgiaCon Vol. 2! As you adventure between the gym, amphitheatre, and student centre, you'll find vendors, our legendary Kids Zone, food, contests, a LIVE band, DJ,. video game tournaments, wrestling and of course our amazing celebrity guests.

 Celebrity Guests 

David Bateson

Meet the iconic actor behind the voice of Agent 47 in the Hitman video game series. David Bateson has been voicing Agent 47 since 2000.

Presented by Studio 613 Electric Tattoo Co.

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Astromech Builder Rob

Rob and his R2 (#RobsR2) have been delighting Star Wars fans for years. They're funny, sassy, and if you're lucky, R2 might scream at you.

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Jane Perry

You may Jane's vocal talents from the likes of the Hitman video game series, Cyberpunk 2077, Baldur's Gate III, and so much more.

Presented by Studio 613 Electric Tattoo Co.

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Sam Tarasco

Meet Sam Tarasco, who brought Sam Losco (Sam the Greasy Caveman) to life on the Trailer Park Boys.

Presented by Comics North and Hidden Level Games.

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Geretta Geretta

Geretta Geretta is an actress, director, and screenwriter. She has starred in several Italian horror films, such as Lucio Fulci's Murder Rock, Bruno Mattei's Rats: Night of Terror, and Lamberto Bava's Demoni.

Presented by Sudbury Indie Creature Kon (SICK)

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